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    Ray Warnken

    October 5, 2018

October 5, 2018

Ray Warnken

Ray WarnkenMy name is Ray Warnken.

I worked at Best Market in Selden. I started working there in Feb 2017. I began working there in hopes of making a career for myself as so many grocery workers on Long Island have before. I figured that Best Market is a growing company, and I could have a good future with them. I worked there for around a year and a half. Just like so many of my coworkers, I learned that Best Market just doesn’t value their workers like other grocery stores do.

I used to get 40 hours per week. For no apparent reason, management started cutting my hours to as low as 10 hours per week. I was working in the seafood department. I was filling in for the department manager because I was promised bonus pay. I did this for two months and they never gave me the bonus pay they promised.

…I had to sell my possessions so I could buy my six year old daughter a birthday gift.

I won’t ever forget when I had to sell my possessions so I could buy my six year old daughter a birthday gift. I’ll also never forget the time that my dad had a heart attack and went to the hospital. I called my manager to tell him I had to miss work to go to the hospital. My manager threatened to fire me.

I’ve moved on to another grocery store. I’m making a better life for myself. While I was at Best Market though, I was part of the movement to make Best Market a better place to work. We had victories. We were all united and were able to get the company to pay premium pay on holidays for the first time in the company’s history. Our movement has to continue. Long Island can’t afford to have companies like Best Market grow on the backs of their workers. If we let them do that, one day there won’t be good grocery jobs left for people like me. Together though, we can make Best Market meet our Long Island standards.


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